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Our goal is simple: To create language learning success stories, one student at a time.

In our global society, the acquisition of linguistic and cultural competency provides the necessary ability to function independently, appropriately, and fluently outside of one's native culture.   Part of Philadelphia Language Center's broad mission falls in line with this necessity by maintaining and encouraging programs which link the center's and its resources to its local, national, and international communities.   Likewise, the mission of PLC is to enrich, enhance, and transform foreign language and cultural learning.


Our Staff

Jessica Winterbottom, Owner/President, founded Philadelphia Language Center in May of 2011. She holds a bachelors degree in translations and is fluent in three languages.    She was a director of a language school in Brazil, and now brings her dedication to languages to Philadelphia.

Daiana Thompson

Office Manager, is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English and manages both the consulting center and Philadelphia Language Center.  Daiana oversees the teachers and staff and monitors student progression towards their short term and long term language goals.

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Foreign Language Programs

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Huan Roholt


Huan has a bachelors from Zhejiang University in Chinese language and Literature, and a Masters degree from University of Pennsylvania in TESOL.  In this role she will oversee all student progression and develop language curriculums.